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Interactive Controls


Days and times for auto run:


Times 1Run time 1

Times 2Run time 2

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Calibration: (0 – 9 :single digit numerals only)

chart on system ramesh

Current Pool Chlorine: currently not available

Flot Chart (ramesh)

js tests embed flot chart

A Paragraph.

graph1 call up myFunction()2

graph2 script variables : then call up myFunction()3 which contains plot

graph3 calls myFunction()4 AJAX

test ajax js: intellipool

Intellipool Monitoring System (Version 0.3)

Current Pool Chlorine: currently not available

nightcliff primary science week

random words

hello class, i’m on the right!
This is some text in the middle!

let’s pop in an image

now some video….. (from youtube)