Digital Fringe 2006-10

Digital Fringe: A part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival

The Digital Fringe acquittal can be downloaded here for others to see what we did!

digital fringe

Project overview
Digital Fringe (DF) was conceived as a partner festival to the well-established Melbourne Fringe
Festival. The objective of the festival was to showcase the works of local and overseas artists and
to place visual digital art in a range of non-traditional public contexts. It is an open access
festival that has quickly established itself as the digital arts arm of the Melbourne Fringe Festival.
2008 was the third year for DF. DF08 increased its’ exposure, refined its’ systems, further
consolidated the link with Melbourne Fringe Festival and continued to expand its’ associations with
new media artists and public screens across Victoria. DF is about putting emerging screen content
in new places and building a network of existing screens in public to showcase this material. While
there are numerous online repositories of video and new media art on the web, no-one else is
taking this content out into public screens and spaces.
Digital Fringe has 2 distinct aspects:
1. The General Stream – the collating of digital artworks through the Digital Fringe
website, and their screening via the web and numerous public screens
2. The Performative components – MPU, events, workshops and gigs

In keeping with the Fringe Festival charter, Digital Fringe is accessible to emerging and established artists, particularly those working in new media. We provide access to a huge network of public screens for emerging artists to exhibit their work

Uploaded content will be moderated by the Digital Fringe team, it plays online and a curated selection will play on hundreds of screens around the world, from home computers to public screens, from grand urban screens to retail television displays, hospitality venues, galleries and other nooks and crannys around the city and across the globe. This extensive network of screens is seen by hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Artists retain copyright to their works and have access to the creative commons suite of licences.

As a part of Digital Fringe the mobile projection unit was taken out by dozens of melbourne media artists

The Mobile Projection Unit (MPU) van is fitted out with a powerful projector, batteries, inverter, wireless internet, video camera and GPS unit. It is a core component of Digital Fringe but has also grown a life of its own outside of the festival. It is taken over by different crews of artists who take it to various locations around the city and project their works onto the surrounding surfaces of the inner urban built environment on most nights of the festival. This enables different, artists, groups and agendas access to some tech toys to get their message or art works out there in public space. The movements of the van are tracked on a google map, and the onboard camera and projection media are streamed in real time via the Digital Fringe website. Online audiences can also communicate with the van via a text shoutbox on the webpage.