Facing Tracy

A commissioned project for the City of Darwin

Facing Tracy was an interactive digital media project to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Cyclone Tracy, December 2014.

The City of Darwin Libraries have designed and built a project that provides an opportunity for all Darwin’s citizens to be involved in their commemoration of Cyclone Tracy. The emphasis is on putting individuals as one component in an image that features the whole community.

The booth toured numerous locations and was used by over 2000 people to images that created the final mosiac people can zoom into see themselves as a part of the image


There are two main interactions with the project:

1) The booth that toured around Darwin

Participants are able to move through images of Darwin and choose an image that they would like to be photographed in. There are many hundreds of historical and modern images, most of which will never have been seen by most people. The images have been generously supplied by NTL (Northern Territory Libraries).

2) The web where people can see the results.

The collected images from the web will be rendered into a picture mosaic of iconic Darwin.

The Booth

A Huge thanks to Steve Hebblethwaite for building this beautiful object. Creating the booth has been a labour of love and we intend to utilize it in many more projects into the future.




We looked at a variety of technologies and methods to deliver the correct information flow and have finessed the application so that it is easy for everyone.

Fitted out, with two touch screen monitors, a 50” plasma TV built in and a super computer powering the whole lot.

We have used a suite of technologies to make it happen:

Maxmsp for the touch screen interface
autoHotKey to script program control
Aolej Mosaic Creator to create the rendered mosiac image
Cloud Web Servers to host the data
Wordpress content management system for web publishing



Facing Tracy was a community engagement project that allowed participants to share in commemorations and be part of a bigger picture of Darwin. The booth allowed people to rifle through selected images from the period and choose an image that resonates with them



Idle screen: Justin Schmidt