Projection Walk

As a part of the Urban Screen Conference held at Federation Square in 2008 we were commissioned to do a projection installation. Five media artsits were ambushed followers who following the walking ‘screen’

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usm08 projection walk
saturday 4th october
digital fringe invites a selection of melbourne pixel throwers to ambush a projection walk through the urban landscape
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Created on Sep 28, 2008 · By juz · Updated Nov 9, 2008
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callum cooper and dj wasabi

fed sq main screen
playing DF08

rouge shakespeare ryan will do a 30 minute set piece to gather the crowd around for the projetion walk he’ll be talking from a soapbox Bee will take over and be ring master Helmut Hea…

keith deverell
projecting under the bridge Between the grass and the waste land the does speak. A fictional documentory that traces a car of three and a scared face in a full screen diatribe. Because walking is t…

Lindsay Cox
doing an installation at the begining of the underpass

yarra fish
fish being projected from the top of princess bridge onto the surface of the yarra

digital buskers
2 young hobos with laptops oping to pay for some more ram for there macs