Visual Taxi

A project for Bagot Darwin Festival August 2014

Real time VJing for kids

This project was part of work with the Bagot OHSC. We developed media for over a year then made this interactive installation, media included images, multimedia and video all produced and taken by young people

Next we picked up an old abandoned car and cleaned it up and painted it

On the night we popped sensors through the car that would trigger various changes in the imagery

The aim:

To create a video installation using visual material and that the kids of Bagot have created and made
We have hundreds of photos and pieces of media that we’ll mix together to create a multimedia pastiche of the community
All the images and footage has been filmed and created by the kids at the OHSC. One project we asked the kids to write bagot in some way, the results were quite creative!

Drive the Visuals:participants will control the ‘VJ show’ by pressing sensors and turning knobs

How we go about it:

We will use the wonders of masmsp, a visual programming interface and hook it up through an ardunio to a series of sensors


The car:

We grabbed an old car, young people from the community moved the car and cleaned it up to make it kid friendly

Generic library logoCity of Darwin Youth Services is working with the community to make the car spectacular………..


The Content

Grist for the Mill
The kids @ the OHSC have been taking and making images and video for a long time. These videos and images will be used as the source material for the show

The Bagot Festival